Calling the 90-year-old Ms. Ferreira a living legend in Latin America would be an understatement.

She's kind of the combined Carol Channing and Charles Aznavour of Brazil, and on Sunday she's making her New York debut.​ The Wall Street Journal

To Brazilians, the name Bibi Ferreira is to musical theatre what Antonio Carlos Jobim is to samba.​​

In a career that spans over eight decades, Ferreira has directed, produced and starred in an incredible array of shows to TV specials and even opera. She acted, sang, directed, composed, danced, etc. Forbes Magazine

A Star Is Born
by Richard Johnson

She is 90 years old, has been performing for 72 years, and last night was her New York debut.  She looks 50 and acts 40.

What can I say--her performance was magnificent, and the audience was enraptured.  The show was as thrilling as when I saw Marlene Dietrich  in concert (twice), as when I saw Judy Garland (at the Palace),  as when I saw Ella Fitzgerald at Radio City, as when I saw the young Barbra Streisand and the young Bette Midler, as when I saw Dinah Washington at the Village Gate and Eartha Kitt at the Carlyle, as when I saw James Brown at The Apollo and when you and I saw Liza at the Palace three years ago.  Oh, and Mabel Mercer. They were all brilliant; so was Bibi. Did I mention Peggy Lee and Aretha?

Liza was in the third row, just in front of me, rocking in her seat, pounding her legs and singing along. An hour earlier, she had deplaned from L.A., where she had been with Lorna, and is returning today. She told me backstage it was "the highlight of her life", as seminal as when she saw Aznavour in Paris at 16. My sentiments, exactly.

Liza also told me, "I feel like someone took a big wet flounder and slapped me in the face.". Amen.

Bibi sang tangos in Spanish, songs from My Fair Lady, La Mancha and Hello Dolly in English (she brought them to Brazil and starred in them) and haunting songs in Portuguese. Between songs, she told her life story in perfect English, with impeccable comic timing of Groucho Marx.

After Bibi did three Piaf songs, in flawless French that tore off the roof, she recognized Liza in the audience, who stood and waved a red scarf. The crowd went wild so Lionel and Ana Maria took her onstage, which took ten minutes as they first went out the wrong door. Then Bibi and Liza sang a bit of New York New York to mad applause.

It was a complete and total triumph. Complete surprise to the Americans, but the Brazilians in the audience gave a standing ovation when Bibi entered the stage.

My old pal Phillip Littell, a showbiz pro, and I speculated that Bibi Ferreira is probably the greatest living singer in the world.  Who else is there? Bocelli and Aretha?  


Bibi Ferreira brings Brazilian rhythm​

​​Bibi Ferreira proved why she’s the most famous singer in Brazil when she brought down the house at Alice Tully Hall on Sunday. New York Post